Edward Davis, LLC


Security Services

  • Physical Site Assessment

    Provide a comprehensive review of facility, external site, operating procedures, systems, policies and security plans to identify vulnerabilities and threats. Subject matter experts recommend solutions and training for identified personnel or family members.

  • Training

    Our subject matter experts are specially trained and served in all levels of government, military and federal agencies- including former US Navy Seals, US Secret Servicemen, Major City Police Department Chiefs and private security sector experts. Our training takes preparation to the next level, including tips on prevention and response.  Each training utilizes a common-sense, professional approach. Our training services include but are not limited to:

         -Active Shooter/Aggressive Deadly Behavior Preparedness and Response Training

         -Situational Awareness Training

         -Reporter Safety Training

         -Event Security Training

         -Security Officer Training

         -Scenario-Based Training

  • Crisis Management

    Assessment of the crisis through identification of systems, communication and critical stakeholders.

    Provide oversight and management of the event using national and international best practices; followed by after action reviews and reports.

  • Background Checks

    Our background checks assist companies in identifying and mitigating risks associated with third-parties and transactions.

  • Cyber/IT

    Where Physical Security Meets Cyber Security

    Edward Davis, LLC proposes consulting services that are tailored to size, need and goals of each of our clients. Together with our cyber partners, we focus on the analysis of cybersecurity programs, recommending improvements for design, implementation, and operations. Edward Davis and our cyber partner(s) can work with clients on the following cybersecurity services:

         -Physical Site Review and Cyber Security Architecture Assessments

         -Insider Threat Awareness Training, Breach Response Plan Development, Training and Investigations

         -Review of Information Technology Department Policies and Procedures

         -Threat Intelligence Gathering and Monitoring

  • Insider Threat Monitoring and Investigations

  • Investigations

    Conduct complex, confidential investigations for corporations, law firms and individuals.

  • Risk Management

    Planning: Provide convergence of emergency preparedness, risk mitigation, and physical security planning to develop and execute a system wide emergency preparedness plan.

    Training and Exercise: Provide scenario practice training and “table top” strategy-based training and subject matter experts to first responders, corporations, schools and universities, medical institutions and other entities.

  • Audit and Compliance of Policies and Procedures

    Provide security compliance audits and reviews that test, verify and validate control effectiveness.

    Identify and develop best practice guidelines and processes that can be monitored in real time.

  • Policy and Procedure Development

  • DHS SAFETY Act Certification Consulting

    Edward Davis, LLC works with our SAFETY Act partner, Catalyst Partners, to support our clients before, during and after their SAFETY Act application submission. The Davis Team leverages its expertise in the safety and security field to review a Client’s facilities, policies and procedures, identify their strengths, weaknesses and provide the solutions to strengthen that Client’s security posture, all with a specific eye toward SAFETY Act certification.

    We work closely with the Client and Catalyst Partners to ensure that each recommendation we provide gets our client’s closer to their goal of SAFETY Act certification, while maintaining the Client’s desired corporate culture. Edward Davis, LLC policies will assist the Client in meeting SAFETY Act Certification policy requirements, enhancing security of employees and visitors, mitigating liability and ensuring clarity, consistency, transparency and accountability in decision-making.

  • Premises and Facility Security Design

    Provide security solutions and recommendations for facility design enhancements through risk assessment and review of building infrastructure and interior exterior layout.

  • Premises Security

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • Expert Testimony

Business Strategy

  • Market Assessment and Competitive Positioning

    Provide advisory services to small, medium and large corporations on identifying the latest trends, prospects, opportunities and threats; creating value and differentiating products and services.

  • Product Strategy

    Provide advisory services that identify product and technology needs, potential markets, and provide ongoing participation in product specification and development for identified target customers.

  • Alliance and Business Development

    Provide expertise in the development of single and related groups of strategic alliances that generate revenues through a go to market approach by bringing together identified experts and partners in the business world with a goal of increasing revenue and growth potential.

  • Due Diligence

  • Government Consulting

    Provide consulting to local, state, and federal government and law enforcement entities on risk mitigation, crisis response management, training, legislative issues, and security policies and protocols.

  • Thought Leadership and Policy

    Provide leaders and others with insight into some of the most significant security challenges.

    Provide informed decision-making and facilitate key relationships across various agencies and organizations.

    Provide lessons learned based on leadership and subject matter expertise that can be utilized to solve challenging policy issues and aid in the development and implementation of stronger more defined relevant policy.

  • Speaking Engagements

    Topics include but are not limited to:


          -Crisis Management

          -Thought Leadership

          -Security Convergence: Where Physical Meets Cyber


    For all speaking inquiries please contact David Buchalter at Greater Talent Network at (212) 647-6334 or davidb@greatertalent.com.