The Edward Davis Company

Our Case Studies on Recent Jobs

  • Physical Site Assessment and Security Review of a Major Broadcasting Facility to Proactively Address Potential Threat Vulnerabilities

    Situation:   As a result of its high profile individuals, programs, and international reporting, the company engaged The Edward Davis Company to provide a physical and cyber security assessment.  Approach:  The Edward Davis Company gathered a team of subject matter experts to conduct extensive site inspections and reviews of the facility and perimeter of the site location.  Interviewed administrative staff responsible for the day to day...

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  • Investigation, Surveillance, Policy Review and Development

    Situation:   A retail distribution center identified issues with employee use and distribution of illegal substances on work property during work shifts. The Edward Davis Company was engaged to provide onsite surveillance, investigative services and recommendations for enhancement to the company’s current employment policies and procedures in an effort to create a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.    Approach:  The Edward Davis...

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