Edward Davis, LLC

Case Studies

Investigation, Surveillance, Policy Review and Development


A retail distribution center identified issues with employee use and distribution of illegal substances on work property during work shifts. Edward Davis, LLC was engaged to provide onsite surveillance, investigative services and recommendations for enhancement to the company’s current employment policies and procedures in an effort to create a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.   

  • Edward Davis, LLC put in place a team of subject matter experts to conduct a 6 month surveillance and investigation into the distribution and use of illegal substances on work premises by employees.   

  • Investigators identified employees who were engaged or involved in this illegal activity on work premises and briefed the executive management team on the results of the investigation. 

  • Team members conducted a comprehensive review of current company policies and protocols, and recommended national best practice policies and procedures.  

  • Sources of illegal activity were identified and appropriate action taken.  

  • Edward Davis, LLC developed and implemented new set of employee and pre-employment policies and procedures.  

  • Edward Davis, LLC conducted meetings and informed all employees of these new policies and procedures.