The Edward Davis Company

Case Studies

Physical Site Assessment and Security Review of a Major Broadcasting Facility to Proactively Address Potential Threat Vulnerabilities


As a result of its high profile individuals, programs, and international reporting, the company engaged The Edward Davis Company to provide a physical and cyber security assessment. 

  • The Edward Davis Company gathered a team of subject matter experts to conduct extensive site inspections and reviews of the facility and perimeter of the site location. 

  • Interviewed administrative staff responsible for the day to day operations and security functions currently in place, and interviewed operational personnel.  

  • Researched the various wide ranging business practices of the facility. 

  • Reviewed current policies, protocols, procedures, and emergency response plans. 

  • Edward Davis team partnered with a renowned cyber security company to conduct a full cyber security assessment.  

  • Structural and technology changes were recommended and implemented to enhance the security of the facility and perimeter of the site location. 

  • Revisions were made to the current policies, protocols and procedures to enhance employee safety and security plans. 

  • Security personnel was increased to support staffing and public traffic during normal work day shift. 

  • The Edward Davis Company provided training for staff on awareness and handling of suspicious packages or envelopes.