The Edward Davis Company

Case Studies

Post-Event Analysis and Recommendations –Crisis Response, Crowd Control, Community Policing


An annual but unsanctioned university event was held in a small college town, resulting in unexpectedly large crowds of young people clashing with the local police. The Edward Davis Company was engaged to review and suggest preventive measures to avoid events that led to the destruction of property and presented security issues for the school and the town.  

  • The Edward Davis Company gathered a team of subject matter experts to review the event, as well as other large crowd disturbances that had previously occurred at the school.   

  • Interviewed town and university administrators, students, town and university police officials, liquor store owners and managers, community residents, university faculty, residence life staff, legal staff over a four month period.  

  • Produced report with historical overview, findings and detailed recommendations in community policing, joint planning for major events, high risk drinking abatement, joint police training, media planning and monitoring, changes to university visitor and alcohol policies.

  • Town and University administrators reviewed report, agreed to work together to implement recommendations, and held a joint press conference announcing next steps to move forward.  

  • The subsequent year’s event and a sports championship victory celebration were both peaceful events. The university implemented many of the report recommendations prior to these events specifically addressing visitor and alcohol policies in the student resident halls.