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Cannabis Facility Security Services

We provide security solutions for Cannabis/Marijuana establishments of all types, including:

Cultivation Facilities

Retailer/Dispensary Facilities

Manufacturer Facilities

Laboratory Facilities

Social Consumption Facilities

Delivery Companies


Security/Risk Management Consulting for Cannabis Facilities

Cannabis establishments face unique and unprecedented physical and cybersecurity concerns. The Edward Davis Company has developed expertise in securing the burgeoning medical and adult-use marijuana establishments in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and other emerging markets. 

We understand the primary risk points that exist in the industry and can tailor security goals and objectives to ensure maximum loss prevention, compliance and community/local law enforcement satisfaction. We have the team, expertise, professionalism, connections, and local knowledge to assist our clients in their efforts to open and operate successful and welcomed medical and recreational cannabis cultivation and retail establishments.

Risk Management

  • Political risk management
  • Security risk management
  • Brand risk management

Community Outreach

  • Neighborhood Education/Outreach
  • Local Law Enforcement Liaising

Security Planning & Design

Security Plan, Policy and Procedure Development

  • The Edward Davis Company can compile security measures and policies into a detailed and comprehensive security plan aligned with all regulatory requirements and demonstrated best practices. The Davis Team has developed Standard Security Operating Policies, Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning, and Special Event Security Plan (i.e. Hard Opening Day) for our cannabis industry clients.

Security Schematic Design

  • The Edward Davis Company partners with established security systems design experts and can design the security architecture for your cannabis establishment including:
    • Access Control
    • Visitor Management 
    • Video Surveillance 
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Alarm Systems

Security Assessment

Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA)

  • The Edward Davis Company can conduct a comprehensive review of your prospective or active medical or adult-use cannabis establishment. Assess establishment surroundings, operating policies procedures, security technology, emergency preparedness and response plans to identify vulnerabilities and threats. Davis Team subject matter experts will recommend industry standard/best practice solutions.
    • Baseline/Ongoing Assessment

Security Operations Audit 

  • The Edward Davis Company can observe your establishment’s operations purpose of the exercise was to provide a security audit of the delivery process/protocols.
    • Inventory and/or Cash Transport Operations/Management

    • Penetration (Red Ball, Red Team) Testing

      • Penetration testing is intended to increase an organization’s understanding of their security operations and to test just how effective those security policies, procedures and trainings are when put to test.

      • The Edward Davis Company can deploy undercover operatives who will attempt to gain entry to your organization and the critical/sensitive areas within, by any means necessary, in an effort to test the efficacy of your security apparatus. This process has proven extremely constructive in rapid hardening of an establishment’s security operations.

Operational Security

Operational Security Officers (security guards)

  • The Edward Davis Company can supplement our clients’ security efforts by deploying and overseeing both armed and unarmed law enforcement professionals to implement security control measures at designated locations. The Edward Davis Company can provide all labor, supervision, management facilities, tools, equipment and supplies.
  • Our Security Officers have held watch over construction projects spanning multiple states, coordinating with multiple jurisdictions and regulatory agencies. They’ve escorted foreign dignitaries from door to door, protected Presidents, designed and overseen the execution of security plans for some of the largest public events in the United States, secured simultaneous emergency response efforts across entire cities and towns.

In-House Security Operations Management

  • Director of Security

    • The Edward Davis Company can install a full-time Director of Security to provide subject matter expertise to company leadership in the governance infrastructure of their entire enterprise.
  • Full-Time Security Officer Workforce

  • Implementation, Oversight, Management and Maintenance of Systems

    • The Edward Davis Company can be responsible for ensuring the safety and security of your entire cannabis establishment and its assets, implementing and overseeing all retail, cultivation and corporate facilities’ security operations and security personnel, ensuring effective management systems have been implemented, and maintaining those systems to most effectively protect assets, earning capacity, continuity of business and the reputation of your organization.

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