The Edward Davis Company


The Edward Davis Company is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals who are experts in the fields of physical security, risk assessment, cybersecurity, and operational security. With the team’s combined experience and knowledge on all things security, we often partner with third-party entities to provide consultation services as well as speak at private and public events. 


The EDC Advisory Team provides crisis management consulting services to entities across the globe. We have determined that even the most comprehensive business plans are insufficient to manage this crisis. Leveraging emerging intelligence and rapid nimble direction is the hallmark of our firm.

EDC analysts track and interpret all relevant executive and public health orders at the federal, state, county, and municipal levels.

Security Plan, Policy and Procedure Development

EDC analysts track and interpret all relevant executive and public health orders at the federal, state, county, and municipal levels.

PLANNING: Business Continuity and resiliency, Emergency/Crisis Preparedness/Response

MONITORING: Executive and Public Health Orders (Fed., State, County, Municipal), Best Practices in Risk Mitigation, International and Domestic Case Rates/Trends, Threat/Risk Monitoring and Management

DEPLOYING: Operational Security Officers, Compliance Audits, Response and Resiliency Trainings and Scenario-Based Tabletops

Who We Work With

The EDC Team works with specialists from the below agencies to craft forward-looking strategies in this new environment. Our team consists of former officials from:

SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS: Emergency Management, Infectious Disease, Crisis Response Planning/Implementation, Public Relations, Crisis Communications

AGENCIES: Federal Emergency Management Agency, Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Homeland Security, Local Board of Health, Government and Law Enforcement Agencies


Cannabis establishments face unique and unprecedented physical and cybersecurity concerns. The Edward Davis Company has developed expertise in securing the burgeoning medical and adult-use marijuana establishments in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and other emerging markets. 

We understand the primary risk points that exist in the industry and can tailor security goals and objectives to ensure maximum loss prevention, compliance and community/local law enforcement satisfaction. We have the team, expertise, professionalism, connections, and local knowledge to assist our clients in their efforts to open and operate successful and welcomed medical and recreational cannabis cultivation and retail establishments.

    Risk Management

  • Political risk management
  • Security risk management
  • Brand risk management

    Community Outreach

  • Neighborhood Education/Outreach
  • Local Law Enforcement Liaising

Security Plan, Policy and Procedure Development

The Edward Davis Company can compile security measures and policies into a detailed and comprehensive security plan aligned with all regulatory requirements and demonstrated best practices. The Davis Team has developed Standard Security Operating Policies, Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning, and Special Event Security Plan (i.e. Hard Opening Day) for our cannabis industry clients.

Operational Security Officers

The Edward Davis Company can supplement our clients’ security efforts by deploying and overseeing both armed and unarmed law enforcement professionals to implement security control measures at designated locations. The Edward Davis Company can provide all labor, supervision, management facilities, tools, equipment and supplies.

We provide security solutions for Cannabis/Marijuana establishments of all types, including:

  • Cultivation Facilities
  • Retailer/Dispensary Facilities
  • Manufacturer Facilities
  • Laboratory Facilities
  • Social Consumption Facilities
  • Delivery Companies

Contact The Edward Davis Company

For more information on our security services, contact The Edward Davis Company via our online contact form or email us at You may also get in contact with us through via phone call by calling 617) 720-6250.