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COVID-19 Crisis Management Services

 As COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives, enterprises must continually adapt to the latest updates from government and public health officials.  Organization leaders will soon have to decide when and how to safely return to regular operations as these orders are modified and best practices are identified.

The Edward Davis Company (EDC) Advisory Team is working with our clients to provide real-time solutions to the dynamic challenges facing business leaders as a result of COVID-19. 



How The Edward Davis Company Can Help Your Organization

The EDC Advisory Team provides crisis management consulting services to entities across the globe. We have determined that even the most comprehensive business plans are insufficient to manage this crisis. Leveraging emerging intelligence and rapid nimble direction is the hallmark of our firm.

EDC analysts track and interpret all relevant executive and public health orders at the federal, state, county, and municipal levels.

PLANNING: Business Continuity and Resiliency, Emergency/Crisis Preparedness/Response

MONITORING: Executive and Public Health Orders (Fed., State, County, Municipal), Best Practices in Risk Mitigation, International and Domestic Case Rates/Trends, Threat/Risk Monitoring and Management

DEPLOYINGOperational Security Officers, Compliance Audits, Response and Resiliency Trainings and Scenario-Based Tabletops



The EDC Team works with specialists from the below agencies to craft forward-looking strategies in this new environment. Our team consists of former officials from:

SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS: Emergency Management, Infectious Disease, Crisis Response Planning/Implementation, Public Relations, Crisis Communications

AGENCIES: Federal Emergency Management Agency, Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Homeland Security, Local Board of Health, Government and Law Enforcement Agencies



FORTUNE 100 Retail, Financial, Telecommunications , Energy Infrastructure

CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE International Port Authorities, Major Transit Authority Stations, Mineral Companies

LARGE SCALE ENTERTAINMENT Major League Baseball Stadiums, National Basketball League Arenas, Concert Venues, Gaming and Casinos, Sportsbooks

EDUCATION Institutions of Higher Educations, Elementary and Secondary Public School Departments (state and local)

GOVERNMENT domestic and international agencies, federal, state and local departments and regulatory agencies


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