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Operational Security

Managed Security Guards & Officers

Davis Team Security Officers work in full partnership with our clients to proactively manage all safety and security concerns including security risk, threats, and vulnerabilities. Davis Team leadership oversees the deployment of both armed and unarmed Security Officers with 24/7 availability. 


Our Security Officer workforce is comprised entirely of former law enforcement and military officers. Each of them has been uniquely trained in the field and is equipped with the highest possible levels of experience. Security officers are all proficient in crowd monitoring and control, situational awareness, observation, defense techniques, liaising with the local law enforcement community, ingress and egress control, emergency medical assistance and first aid, ethics, and professionalism.


Experienced & Highly-Trained Security Teams        

Davis Team security officers are the best choice for on-premise security whether for a one-time event or employed on a continual basis. The Ed Davis Company leadership team is made up of security professionals including former major city police chiefs, United States Secret Service, and former US Navy Seals.

Prepared For Any Emergency & Crisis

Each security team is comprised of personnel with not only training but years of hands-on experience and each team is managed by security leaders who have extensive experience in navigating and responding to crisis situations. The best protection comes from working with a team with experience, knowledge, and a proven track record. 

All Davis Team security officers equipped with firearms and have undergone extensive firearms training. 

  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Construction Projects
  • Executive Protection
  • High-Value Individuals
  • Premises Protection
  • High-Profile Events

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