The Edward Davis Company

Security Consultants in New York City

The Edward Davis Company is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Our CEO, Edward Davis, was acting Commission of the Boston Police Department during the Boston Marathon Bombing. Since then, he has founded The Edward Davis Company, a security consulting company that works with businesses, individuals, and events nationwide to shore up security. Our team is made up of security experts that all have unique specialties, experience, and expertise. We work with businesses, events, and individuals in NYC to provide security management services.

Operational Security in NYC 

The Edward Davis Company provides security officers and teams for events, and locations in New York City. Our teams of security officers and guards are all highly trained in a variety of necessary skills. These skills include crowd management, responding to a crisis, and working with local authorities. Our teams of security officers can be used for the following services: 

  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Construction Projects
  • Executive Protection
  • High-Value Individuals
  • Premises Protection
  • High-Profile Events

Physical Security Consulting Service

As security consultants, we help businesses and properties shore up their security. This includes a rigorous auditing program followed by the implementation of strong security solutions. During an audit, we will address threats, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities and make suggestions for improvements. Improvements can include designing new security protocols, providing training for building personnel, recommending security systems including cameras and electronic locks. 

Cybersecurity for NYC Businesses

At the Edward Davis Company, we understand that physical security is just as important as cybersecurity. Maintaining both cyber and physical security is paramount for a business to keep not only their assets but their employees safe. That is why we provide a variety of cybersecurity services including, auditing, design, and implementation. Like with physical security, our team of consultants provides a tailored approach to finding weaknesses and recommending the best solutions. 

Risk Management Services

Our team also provides risk management services. In comprehensive security audits, we will discover any risks to either your cyber or physical security. Our teams can provide training and protocols that can protect your property in the event of an emergency. The key to comprehensive security is for everyone to understand and have a strong handle on security protocols in place. 

Contact The Edward Davis Company

For more information on security consulting services and how The Edward Davis Company can help your property improve its overall security, please contact us through our online form. A member of our team will reach out to you to address any questions you have.