The Edward Davis Company

Security Services in Hartford, CT

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, the Edward Davis Company provides security consulting services to businesses, public facilities, and individuals throughout the east coast. Founded by Edward Davis, the former police chief in Boston Massachusetts during the wake and response to the Boston Marathon Bombing, our agency exists to help shore up physical and cybersecurity. We have helped hundreds of businesses effectively improve their security. Our team is comprised of security experts from all walks of life that have accrued decades of experience. 

Operational Security in Hartford 

A core service of our agency is to provide security teams to facilities, events, and other high-value protection. Our teams of security officers are highly trained. Many of them have experience serving as police officers or in the armed forces. They are all trained in responding to a crisis, working as liaisons between the local authorities and our clients, firearms training, first aid, and various other skills for crowd control and ingress/egress. Our teams of security officers are available for the following: 

  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Construction Projects
  • Executive Protection
  • High-Value Individuals
  • Premises Protection
  • High-Profile Events

Physical Security Consulting Service

As a consulting firm, we help properties improve their physical security. This includes auditing and making recommendations. From improving surveillance systems to updating security systems to providing training. All of our consultation services begin with audits designed to discover any risks, threats, or weaknesses. These risks are then assessed and met with tailored security plans designed to keep occupants and assets safe. 

Cybersecurity for Hartford Businesses

The key to cybersecurity is to be on the cutting edge of technology. Technology is evolving at an exponential rate. Bad actors online are developing new ways to defraud companies, steal information, and attack individuals. Our security solutions must meet this need. As security consultants, our team is constantly seeking new solutions and staying up to date on threats and security measures. We provide consulting services to businesses, individuals, and other facilities to ensure that data is protected. 

Risk Management Services

Another service we provide is risk management services. Our team is always ready to respond to crises and provide real-time support. We combine physical and cybersecurity initiatives to ensure that our clients have the tools they need to be protected on all fronts. We provide training to personnel to ensure that safety protocols are clearly communicated and understood. 

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