The Edward Davis Company

Security Services in Stamford, CT

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, the Edward Davis Company is a security consulting company that works with individuals, events, and facilities throughout the Northeast. This includes working with clients throughout the state of Connecticut. The Edward Davis Company provides highly skilled teams of security officers as well as security consultants for properties in Stamford Connecticut and the surrounding area. Founded by Edward Davis, the former police chief of Boston during the Boston Marathon Bombing, our company is comprised of a team of security experts. We specialize in crisis management, cybersecurity, and operational security

Operational Security in Stamford 

The Edward Davis Company provides security teams for on-site projects. These teams are equipped with decades of experience and training. All members of our security teams have extensive experience and knowledge to aid them while they work on-site. They are skilled in firearms training, emergency response, first aid, and crowd management. Our teams are often used to provide security for the following locations and personnel:

  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Construction Projects
  • Executive Protection
  • High-Value Individuals
  • Premises Protection
  • High-Profile Events

Physical Security Consulting Service

As a consulting firm, our team of security experts can help businesses and facilities shore up their security with our on-site security audits. Through our auditing process, our team will uncover any security threats or weaknesses. Once identified, we provide actionable plans to address these concerns. These include installing new security systems, providing training, and creating new safety protocols. Our security plans are based on years of research and case studies and they are tailored for the specific needs of our clients. 

Cybersecurity for Stamford Businesses

At The Edward Davis Company, we believe in the importance of handling not just physical security but also cybersecurity. The convergence of these two topics is demonstrated in our approach to security auditing. When we work with clients we ensure that flaws or weaknesses in their cybersecurity are addressed. The environment of cybercrime is changing every day as are the defenses against such crimes. Our team stays up to date and informed on changes and developments so we can implement the best solutions for our clients. 

Risk Management Services

Our risk management services cover both cyber and physical security concerns as well as put plans in place to protect clients in the event of an emergency. We provide training, security plans, on-site personnel, and emergency response plans. Our approach is tailored to the needs of our clients to ensure that they receive plans that are ideal for them. 

Contact The Edward Davis Company

For more information about our security services and how The Edward Davis Company can help enhance your security please contact us through our online form. A member of our team will reach out to you to address any questions you have.