The Edward Davis Company

Meet the Team

Cheryl Joyce

Director of Finance and Project Coordinator

Cheryl Joyce is the Director of Finance and Project Coordinator for The Edward Davis Company. She has extensive experience and a strong track record of success in the management arena of key collaboration and partnership development, project management, problem solving, complex compliance issues, staffing, as well as financials and operational best practices.

In her current capacity at Edward Davis, LLC, she specializes in: Financial Oversight and Administration, Project Coordination and Management, Research and Best Practice Development, and Report Writing and Review.

She previously served as Grants Manager in the Office of Research and Development (ORD) for the Lowell Police Department and the Boston Police Department. During her 8 years of service with the Boston Police Department, she was recognized not only for her position of Interim Director for the ORD, but more importantly for her role in the growth and success of the Department’s grant acquisition and management portfolio that rose from $7 million in 2007 to $30 million in 2014. In this capacity she worked closely with federal and state funding agencies including EOPSS

For much of her career, she played a critical role within a fast paced, ever changing organization and environment, and was a vital connector to finance management and oversight, and technical assistance. She worked closely with federal, state, local and department wide officials and administrators on program and partnership development, best practice research and program evaluation, strategic planning and change management. She was responsible for the creation and management of a team of individuals whose main objective was to directly support the Office of the Police Commissioner and provide critical resources to the Department.