The Edward Davis Company

Meet the Team

Kaitlyn Davis

Project Coordinator

Kaitlyn Davis is a Project Coordinator for The Edward Davis Company. She provides technical assistance for physical and cyber security projects that require project management skills over extended periods of time. She provides direct support to office executives and members of the Davis Team. This includes scheduling, planning, organizing, staffing, assisting with program development, project management, training, and special projects. Kaitlyn’s attention to detail and administrative experience serve the Davis Team well for planning, organizing and staffing complex consulting projects and for the overall management of our subject matter experts from military Special Forces, academia and all levels of policing. Kaitlyn’s experience expands beyond office management capabilities and include the following areas of expertise: open source intelligence gathering, review, and reporting, mapping, report proofing, and project and proposal graphing.

Kaitlyn is a graduate of Suffolk University of Boston, where she earned her BA in English. Prior to working at The Edward Davis Company, she worked at the Moakley Center for Public Management, Suffolk University, as the Office Manager. In this role she assisted in facilitating training programs for nonprofit managers, Department of Children and Families youth, Participants in the Boston Chamber of Commerce, and local government leaders and officials.