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Ronald Peimer

Senior Technical Security Specialist

Ronald Peimer is a Senior Technical Security Consultant for the Edward Davis Company with expertise in prevention, crisis response and crisis management. Peimer provides technical expertise and inspection services in physical security site assessments and review of safety policies and procedures for corporations, sporting and entertainment venues, national and international media outlets, and academic institutions. He has conducted security technology and physical security assessments and/or policy review of venues including a National Pipeline Company, Fenway Park, Busch Stadium, Kronos, Inc. (both locally and internationally), Merrimack College, NetScout Systems, Inc., Eastern Minerals, Inc. He plays a critical role in working with organizations to ensure that their policies and procedures can be aligned with SAFETY Act Certification requirements.

Peimer’s extensive knowledge, experience and employment history working for the Department of Homeland Security makes him an invaluable member of the Davis Team. His ongoing relationship with the Department, and his continued connections to current and former law enforcement agencies allow him to remain current and highly desirable in the technology and physical security arena. His diversified background with training, lecturing, wide-ranging knowledge and expertise in leading industry standards and best practices in technology and security makes him a critical asset to the Davis team.

Retired from the US Secret Service (USSS) after a 22-year career, he served as the Resident Agent in Charge of the Manchester NH office with responsibility for all USSS activities in NH & VT.  He was responsible for all office activities including personnel action & hiring.  Peimer’s specialty within the USSS was in the area of Technical Security.  As such, Peimer was responsible for the identification and neutralization of threats to the President/Vice President and other dignitaries relating to attack by explosives, weapons of mass destruction, building structural collapse, fire, mechanical failure, and the design and installation of physical security devices. He was also the lead agent for technical security during numerous special events. After retiring from the USSS he served as the Deputy Director of the National Infrastructure Institute (NI2) which was a US Government grant funded security policy group. 

During his tenure at NI2 Peimer developed an upgraded security assessment protocol, CARVER2, which remains the only methodology for cross sector comparison of Critical infrastructures (CI).  Peimer was also the co-developer of the SMART on-line self-assessment tool for schools.  Peimer gave lectures and/or led discussion panels on CI protection at the National Fire Protection Association, National Building Counsel, National Association of Emergency Managers, National School Resource Officers, and many other local/regional groups. 

After leaving NI2, Peimer was selected and served as the Protective Security Advisor (PSA) for the US Department of Homeland Security in NH. Peimer’s major duties consist of conducting “all hazard” assessments of Critical Infrastructures across all sectors of the economy.  He conducted over 150 of these surveys with a concentration on sites relating to Public Health, Energy, Transportation, and Water.  These inquiries go beyond the normal security survey and include natural hazard identification & mitigation, outside utility dependency, business continuity, the development of emergency action plans, and local emergency service liaison.  He has lectured on Soft Target Protection issues to both government and private groups.  Peimer is the primary liaison between the NH State Homeland Security Director and DHS.  He is part of the state’s Critical Infrastructure assessment and identification team and acts as the CI SME during state-wide emergencies which necessitate activation of the NH Emergency Operations Center.

Peimer has a Master’s Degree in Forensic Science from George Washington University.  Prior to working for the USSS Peimer was a Forensic Chemist/Special Agent with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).  He was part of the ATF National Response Team and has qualified as an “expert witness” in Federal and State Courts and is a Certified Explosives Handler. He also successfully completed the Security Engineering course from the US Army Corps of Engineers.