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Sheehan McCarthy

Project Coordinator

Sheehan McCarthy is a Project Coordinator at The Edward Davis Company (EDC). McCarthy is the Project Coordinator to multiple vertical teams, including Crisis Preparedness and Response, Cannabis Industry, and Enterprise Security Risk Management teams. McCarthy works with her teams, comprised of EDC leadership and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), to determine, strategize and provide/implement risk management solutions for our clients. McCarthy is charged with reviewing client security risk management operations and infrastructure, illustrating threat and vulnerabilities pictures, assessing risk, and identifying EDC and partner solutions best suited to the client’s culture, required security controls, budget and risk profile.

Prior to her role as Project Coordinator, McCarthy was a Policy Analyst for the company, conducting in-depth research, data gathering, organization and analysis, monitoring security events, public health and safety policy decisions and trends, and assisting EDC leadership with report and policy drafting. She provided analysis of enterprise security risk management areas including but not limited to: crisis response, risk management, physical security assessment and policy review of large-scale venues, audit and compliance, product development. Her strict attention to detail, and her knowledge of safety and security related industry best practices were key contributors to her skills and ability to work closely with the Davis Team on all proposals, and projects. In her role as Policy Analyst, McCarthy contributed to various projects including: Red Sox, Miami Marlins, ASIS International, St. Louis Cardinals, a large international company and a critical infrastructure company.

Sheehan McCarthy is a Juris Doctor (JD) candidate at Suffolk University Law School in Boston, and a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Lowell, where she earned her BA in American Studies. She has been with The Edward Davis Company since her senior year at UMass when she started working with EDC as a research intern, assisting the Davis Team with the identification of existing safety and security policy and best practices, coordinating the EDC website’s and marketing collateral design and development, and providing various administrative, logistic and organizational support to EDC leadership. 


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