The cyber investigation team at the Edward Davis Company has strengthened its network of specialists with the addition of Greg McCormick, a cybersecurity specialist with a storied history with the Boston Police Department.

Greg McCormick’s Cyber Security Career

McCormick, a highly-decorated 14 year veteran of Boston Police, will be working closely with fellow EDC team member Michael Brown to focus on cyber investigations and physical security for corporations and businesses struggling to keep up with the constant attacks on information technology systems.

During his tenure on the Boston Police Department, McCormick worked with the Youth Violence Strike Force, working on gang investigations while also conducting community outreach on behalf of the police department. He was also a member of the BPD Fugitive Apprehension Unit.

The Edward Davis Company’s CyberSecurity Services

Greg said he looks forward to focusing his career on cyber investigations. “Even with all of my law enforcement experience, I’ve always had a passion for information technology,” McCormick said. “I have been given a tremendous opportunity to work with and learn with some of the most talented people that the cybersecurity industry has to offer.”

McCormick said he began expanding into cyber investigations initially with personal computer repairs, eventually earning his CompTIA A+ certification, his CompTIA Network+ certification, and eventually, his CompTIA Security+ certification.

“These certifications, coupled with my law enforcement background have shown me that cybersecurity is truly my calling,” McCormick said.

An Increase In Cyber Threats

McCormick said the current state of cyber attacks makes professional, thorough investigations even more critical now.

“We are witnessing a significant rise in cyber threats, where the attackers are becoming more and more sophisticated,” McCormick said. “We need to protect our business and personal data from unauthorized access. All of us absolutely need to be hyper-vigilant in our handling of sensitive data, and we need to constantly stay informed of the latest security trends and we need to stay mindful that information is the new currency.”

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