Risk Management Solutions

The Edward Davis Company assesses corporate risk to identify vulnerabilities and provide clients with reliable and customized crisis response strategies and preparedness plans.

Risk environments vary in magnitude and predictability. The Edward Davis Company mobilizes subject-matter experts and specialists to assess client security programs, evaluate crisis response and preparedness protocols, and provide clients with customized solutions that guarantee effective risk management and prevent future disruption.

With a global network of law enforcement leaders, and professionals who manage critical incidents ranging from terrorist attacks to public-relations nightmares, we handle crises across the board and develop emergency response and preparedness plans that universally safeguard assets, personnel and performance.

Areas of Expertise

Physical Security Assessment

The Edward Davis Company conducts a full-scale Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA) that considers every aspect of an organization’s physical security operations. This comprehensive process evaluates planned or current policies and procedures, analyzes security management structures and program postures, inspects security technology systems, and reviews corporate workspaces  – providing clients with a detailed understanding of identified vulnerabilities and a customized plan for security implementation or advancement.
Our assessment team – comprised of former US Secret Service members, cyber security specialists and command-level law enforcement personnel – specializes in physical asset protection, systems integration, penetration testing, site hardening, security program review and gap analysis. From this, we develop actionable recommendations for strengthening on-site security operations. Our experts also work closely with client implementation teams to ensure smooth execution in alignment with corporate structure, culture, and updated policy frameworks.

Resiliency Planning

The unforeseen hazards associated with business operations can impact the entire workforce and stability of an organization if not managed strategically. EDC develops resiliency plans that ensure a client’s ability to rebound rapidly from disruptions and continue thriving despite challenging conditions.
We approach resiliency planning from a local, state and federal standpoint – enlisting private security experts, federal agencies, former military operational force members, police executives,  senior analysts and global partner thought leaders to reinforce client crisis preparedness.  Through policy evaluations, scenario-based training, and continuity assessments, clients are equipped with customized resiliency plans that guarantee adaptability and sustained advancement.

Investigative Services

EDC’s team investigates and analyzes the people, environments, policies and procedures involved in varying degrees of incidents with skill and speed. Our professional handling of sensitive circumstances leaves organizations equipped with the background information and insights needed to uphold business integrity, maintain quality control, safeguard employees and accelerate performance.

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