Consulting Services

Security advice from experts around the world when you need it.

Our team of subject-matter experts, thought leaders, security personnel and analysts leverages decades of experience to deliver security consulting services. We develop on-going relationships with organizations to provide customized guidance for crisis preparedness, risk management, product development and security advancement.

Areas of Expertise

Risk Management

The Edward Davis Company is a trusted consultant for clients seeking guidance in risk management and mitigation. We provide our risk management portfolio services based on client vulnerabilities, security gaps and requirements. A collaborative relationship with clients also ensures we address evolving needs and provide strategic recommendations as risk environments change.

Threat Monitoring

Our situational and intelligence monitoring teams and experts are constantly scanning threat environments. We actively review new science, industry best practices and trends to identify harmful activity that could impact a client’s security architecture, workforce and operations. Through risk identification and evaluation, EDC supplies organizations with strategies for staying ahead of disruptions and responding to or neutralizing them before performance is affected.

Security Product Development

As a trusted advisor for security product developers and industry leaders, we consult with companies on product design and go-to-market strategy. Participation on leadership boards with product and business development teams has equipped our experts with meaningful connections across the industry – presenting clients with the opportunity to strategically guide sales teams toward advanced target markets. Through consultation with EDC, organizations exponentially improve their security product’s performance and market value.

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