The Edward Davis Company

Consulting Services & Speaking Engagements

The Edward Davis Company is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals who are experts in the fields of physical security, risk assessment, cybersecurity, and operational security. With the team’s combined experience and knowledge on all things security, we often partner with third-party entities to provide consultation services as well as speak at private and public events. 


Product Development

The Edward Davis Company uses its expertise and background in law enforcement, public safety, and business strategy to provide consultation services for our clients. Due to our connections throughout the physical security and cybersecurity industries and our extensive knowledge base of both of these fields, we often consult companies that develop new security technology. For our business clients, we provide consulting services on product specifications and improvements, as well as identifying key markets in the security industry, and making introductions between our clients and valuable contacts. Here are a few of the ways we support our clients in the security manufacturing industry with our consultation services.

  • Product Development & Optimization
  • Support Marketing/Sales Teams with Relationship Building, Distribution Assessments, & Strategic Review
  • Target Customer Identification and Prioritization
  • Go-To-Market Strategizing
  • Use Case and Portfolio Optimization

Speaking Engagements

Members of the Edward Davis Company are also called on to share their knowledge through speaking engagements. Years of experience, studying security trends, and working with clients representing hundreds of industries has made our team a great resource of information. By request, our team can speak on many different topics.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Leadership
  • Crisis Management
  • Thought Leadership
  • Security Convergence: Where Physical Meets Cyber

Contact The Edward Davis Company

For more information on our security services, contact The Edward Davis Company via our online contact form or email us at You may also get in contact with us via phone call by calling 617) 720-6250.