Operational Security

Managed security officers for you, your business, or your event.

The Edward Davis Company deploys highly-trained security officers who professionally navigate threat environments with foresight and agility. As a result, clients seeking executive protection, perimeter security, event security and managed security services can expect optimal safeguarding. Supplemented by ongoing experience and support from the entire EDC ecosystem, our security personnel is unparalleled in expertise, connectivity, and adaptability. 

Our approach is unique and collaborative – prioritizing relationships with local, state, and federal law enforcement and government agencies to ensure our ability to handle specific client issues with efficacy. An assigned EDC manager serves as a liaison to properly coordinate  personnel and provide a continuous understanding of client needs, while our intelligence analysts help ensure our experts are equipped with the training, knowledge, and insights necessary to offer premium global security services.

With an international network of experts, rich connections with valuable entities, and a strong ability to adapt to multifaceted environments – we execute operational security services with mastery, precision, and consistency.

Areas of Expertise

Managed Security Officers

Our network of security officers, guards and supervisors touches nearly every industry, and illustrates proficiency in discretion, vigilance and rapid execution. EDC deploys security personnel of the highest caliber to meet one-time, continued or 24/7 client security needs complemented by ongoing risk identification and threat assessment.

Executive Protection

We live in a volatile world – where disruption of productivity, welfare, and reputation threatens those who are most valuable to the high-performing operations around them.
The Edward Davis Company successfully executes global and national executive protection services via the deployment of select law enforcement and military personnel. Our intelligence monitoring teams and local, state and federal subject-matter experts allow us to quickly adapt to evolving threat environments; and by assigning an EDC manager to each client, we’re able to guarantee transparent communication, an understanding of ongoing needs, proper coordination of personnel, and security effectiveness.
While no one can predict external circumstances, we are equipped to handle them proactively and skillfully – ensuring executives are universally safeguarded when and where they need it most.

Perimeter Security

High-performing entities and individuals often require additional layers of security to ensure full protection of physical assets, private information, operational facilities and personnel. The Edward Davis Company delivers multi-layered perimeter security services supported by risk identification and assessment at the commercial, residential and executive level.
There is no threat too small, large or complex. We respond to situational and logistical concerns with agility and innovation. Our experts are thoroughly trained in facility security design, integrated security system operations, executive protection, and threat monitoring; and our internal team possesses extensive law enforcement experience.
We also collaborate with local, state and federal entities to meet evolving client needs. This all results in a partnership that highly considers the evolution of threat environments and results in the placement of the right people at the right place and time.

Event Security

The success of any event depends on the safety and security of those attending. As a trusted expert and provider of customized security programs, EDC collaborates with organizations to implement strategic event security solutions that thoroughly consider guests, staff, valued assets and premises.
We harness our bench of analysts and intelligence-monitoring experts to assess risk environments and gain a comprehensive understanding of current emergency response protocols, security-related reports and materials, proximity data, and surrounding crime generators. EDC then develops a detailed security plan that incorporates these findings and enlists exclusive security personnel specifically trained to handle client, venue and event requirements.

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