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How protected are you against an active shooter in your school or workplace?

There are steps you can take today to better protect your people, products and reputation.

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Confident in your company’s cybersecurity posture?

The search for the right cybersecurity company to align your small to medium-sized business with can be a daunting task. Edward Davis, LLC can guide you to the proper cyber experts at the right price-point for your burgeoning business.

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Understand the Insider Threat?

Ed Davis offers his expertise in DHS’s new Insider Threat video which uses security and behavior experts to discuss how insider threats manifest in a variety of ways including terrorism, workplace violence, and breaches of cybersecurity.  

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“Cyber attacks are among the most challenging and concerning security threats we face today”

 said former Boston Police Commissioner and honorary chair of SecureMA, Ed Davis.

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Operation Overwatch

We bring together former special operations military personnel, the latest in drone technology, social media analysis and the most tested, reliable, military-grade shooter detection systems to deliver panoramic protection, emergency response and situational awareness for any structure or major event, both nationally and internationally.

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Our Areas of Expertise

The Edward Davis Company provides actionable strategies and customized solutions to protect lives, assets and reputations. 
Businesses are seeking, and people are demanding, greater protection from the daily, senseless acts of violence being perpetrated at home and abroad. The Davis Team can provide a greater sense of security, reducing fear and increasing confidence.


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