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Managing & Monitoring the COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

What organizations and individuals alike need to consider as the COVID-19 continues in the United States.


Enterprise Security Risk Management

We are the Edward Davis Company – a team of world-class security risk solutions experts. We work with our clients to identify, analyze, and develop comprehensive, powerful solutions that minimize their exposure to both physical and cyber security risk.

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Facility Security, Emergency/Crisis Preparedness, Response and Continuity Planning

How protected are you against a hostile intruder in your school or workplace? There are steps you can take, today, to better protect the physical and cyber security of your people, assets and reputation.

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Operational Security Officers

Our Security Officer workforce is comprised entirely of former law enforcement and military officers uniquely trained in the field and equipped with the highest-possible levels of experience.

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Investigative Services

The Davis Team provides organizations with the investigative resources they need to make informed decisions based on a body and analysis of facts. Work with a company that understands the stakes. We offer discretion, thoroughness and the highest level of scrutiny to ensure that you’re presented the facts you need to know.

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Security Management as a Service

The Edward Davis Company can coordinate all safety and security efforts between our clients, their local law enforcement agencies and their surrounding communities. 


Cyber Assessment

“Cyber attacks are among the most challenging and concerning security threats we face today,” said former Boston Police Commissioner and honorary chair of SecureMA, Ed Davis.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Reducing risk through trust brokering, connection forging, strategic process navigation and facility, systems, and policy hardening.


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