The Edward Davis Company

Our Team

Edward F. Davis is the President and CEO of The Edward Davis Company, a business strategy and security services firm....

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Edward Davis


Sharon Hanson is an attorney and the Chief Operating Officer of The Edward Davis Company. She is responsible for the...

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Sharon Hanson

Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel

Joseph Lawless is the Senior Transportation Security Specialist for The Edward Davis Company. Lawless was formerly the chief law enforcement...

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Joseph Lawless

Senior Transportation Security Specialist

William (Bill) Taylor is Director of Consulting Services for The Edward Davis Company, and works closely with each the company’s...

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William Taylor

Director of Consulting Services

Mark Buckley is the Director of Operational Security for The Edward Davis Company. Buckley has worked in security and law...

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Mark Buckley

Director of Operational Security

Michael Brown, Rear Admiral, United States Navy (Retired). Brown is a senior cybersecurity specialist for The Edward Davis Company. Brown...

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Michael Brown

Senior Cybersecurity Specialist

Juliette Kayyem is Special Advisor to The Edward Davis Company. Kayyem has spent over 15 years managing complex policy initiatives...

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Juliette Kayyem

Special Adviser, Former Assistant Secretary Intergovernmental Affairs, DHS
an image of Jonathan Olshaker

Doctor Jonathan Olshaker leads the EDC Health Division, working closely with our team of risk management and emergency preparedness and...

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Jonathan Olshaker, MD

Lead Advisor, EDC Health Division, Crisis Preparedness and Response
an image of Rich Serino

The Hon. Richard is Special Advisor to The Edward Davis Company. Serino spent more than forty years in public service....

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Richard Serino

Special Advisor, Former Deputy Administrator Federal Emergency Management Agency

Peter M. Tran is the Head of Cyber and Product Security Solutions at InferSight and a Senior Cybersecurity Advisor for...

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Peter M. Tran

Cybersecurity Advisor

Cheryl Joyce is the Director of Finance and Project Coordinator for The Edward Davis Company. She has extensive experience and a...

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Cheryl Joyce

Director of Finance and Project Coordinator

Amanda Wall is Deputy General Counsel at The Edward Davis Company (EDC). As Deputy GC, Wall provides counsel and representation...

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Amanda Wall

Deputy General Counsel

Kaitlyn Davis is a Project Coordinator for The Edward Davis Company. She provides technical assistance for physical and cyber security...

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Kaitlyn Davis

Project Coordinator

Sheehan McCarthy is a Project Coordinator at The Edward Davis Company (EDC). McCarthy is the Project Coordinator to multiple vertical...

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Sheehan McCarthy

Project Coordinator

Quion (Q.) Riley has extensive experience in personal security for high level dignitaries including, but not limited to the following:...

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Quion Riley

Senior Security Specialist

Michael Magalski joined The Edward Davis Company team in January of 2014 as an active Security Consultant. In this role,...

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Michael Magalski

Senior Physical Security Specialist

Ronald Peimer is a Senior Technical Security Consultant for the Edward Davis Company with expertise in prevention, crisis response and...

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Ronald Peimer

Senior Technical Security Specialist

Javier Montanez is a Physical Security Specialist at The Edward Davis Company.  Montanez entered the United States Army in 1991....

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Javier Montanez

Physical Security Specialist

Margaret (Maggie) Murphy is a former detective with the Boston Police Department. She served for approximately thirty-six years, with the...

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Margaret Murphy

Senior Security Specialist

Ruiz is a Criminal Justice and Policing Specialist for this project. Ruiz is a federally recognized expert in the fields...

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Rafael Ruiz

Criminal Justice & Policing Specialist

Bond is an academic partner for Edward Davis, LLC. Bond is Associate Professor in the Institute for Public Service at...

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Brenda J. Bond, Ph.D.

Survey Development, Administration and Analysis Specialist

Dixon is a Law Enforcement Specialist for this project. Dixon is a Lecturing Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at...

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Vanessa E. Dixon, M.A.

Law Enforcement Specialist

Gary Eblan is in his twenty-ninth year with the Boston Police Department and is currently the Commander of the Recruit Investigations...

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Gary Eblan

Senior Trainer

Christopher W. Collins is a co-founder and Managing Director of First Atlantic Capital, LLC, an investment company located in Boston,...

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John has been with Bain Capital Ventures as a Managing Director and head of the Operating Group since 2009. He...

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John Connolly