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Cyber Security Services

The Edward Davis Company is focused on convergence between physical security and cybersecurity. Each year there is an increase in cyber-attacks and attempted attacks. That is why The Edward Davis Company partners with cybersecurity companies to provide our clients with cutting edge solutions and resources to shore up their security systems. Through a partnership with The Edward Davis Company, our clients receive in-depth consultation services on their cybersecurity including assessments, audits, and planning. 

The Edward Davis Company provides consulting services that are tailored to size, needs and goals of each of our clients. Together with our cyber partners, we focus on the analysis of cybersecurity programs. We recommend improvements for cybersecurity design, implementation, and operations. Our clients work with both The Edward Davis Company and our cyber partner(s) to develop and receive the following services:

  • Physical Site Review and Cyber Security Architecture Assessments
  • Insider Threat Awareness Training, Breach Response Plan Development, Training and Investigations
  • Review of Information Technology Department Policies and Procedures
  • Threat Intelligence Gathering and Monitoring

Cybersecurity is a vital part of any company’s security protocol. Because technology is constantly evolving, cybersecurity must progressively adapt to a constantly transforming landscape. Our partners in the cybersecurity industry are constantly working to stay up to date on new threats as they arise. Our team ensures that our clients have access to leading technologies and solutions in the cybersecurity sector. With our partnerships with other cybersecurity leaders, we make sure that our clients are aware of any weaknesses or threats and that weaknesses are rectified with effective solutions.

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