Cyber Security Services

EDC oversees comprehensive cyber risk assessments and web threat monitoring to protect client security systems, networks, processes and programs from disruptions.

The Edward Davis Company is focused on the convergence between physical security and cybersecurity. Each year there is an increase in cyber-attacks and attempted attacks. EDC oversees comprehensive cyber risk assessments and web threat monitoring to protect client security systems, networks, processes, and programs from disruptions. Clients receive in-depth consulting services tailored to their specific needs, goals and requirements. We consider every element of an organization’s cyber infrastructure – proactively identifying vulnerabilities and security issues to help strengthen cyber security environments and performance.

Areas of Expertise

Cyber Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

By thoroughly assessing every element of an organization’s cyber security framework, EDC and our proven cyber security professionals detect vulnerabilities and provide the most effective strategies for dissolving existing cyber threats. We actively communicate with clients regarding newly-discovered weak points and security issues – ensuring they’re equipped with the professional support and insights needed to adopt new technologies, adjust policies and procedures, and manage cyber threats expertly.
The EDC Team has the capabilities to provide the following services:
  • Address any vulnerabilities and issues if discovered through initial assessment.
  • Provide penetration testing to determine any weaknesses in clients’ security. We can perform both internal and external penetration tests to figure out how strong your security controls are.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive set of cybersecurity policies and procedures to facilitate the adoption of new technologies without disrupting clients’ daily activities.
  • Regular communication with clients regarding newly discovered vulnerabilities and security issues.
  • Identify and remove negative search results using online content suppression and shield clients from future attacks.

Surface and Deep Web Threat Monitoring

EDC provides cyber security specialists using 24/7 algorithm-based monitoring, and qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques to effectively and proactively identify activities posing a threat to client reputation, security or operations. Once discovered, we interpret and expose the data and information – providing notice to clients and determining next steps for eradicating detected threats. If needed, our security specialists facilitate coordination with appropriate law enforcement agencies to further handle complex incidents.
EDC can assist our clients to: 
  • Monitor any threats by individuals or groups to disrupt or interfere with clients’ activities and personal lives.
  • Conduct analysis of any history of threats, cyber-attacks, disruption incidents and/or violence by individuals or groups.
  • Review any identified threat of disruption, cyber-attack, violence, or other method of disturbance to determine next steps (i.e., additional investigation, law enforcement notification).
  • Provide coordination and liaison services with clients and the appropriate law enforcement agency based upon the origin of any identified threats.
  • Communicate regularly with clients regarding threats, alerts, trends, investigations and/or concerns.

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