Your workplace should be a place where you and your employees are focused on their job, not their safety. Our all-inclusive assessment will give you the insight you need to implement systems and establish processes that your company needs to protect itself against any threats.

Reasons for Performing a Security Risk Assessment

Organizations have many different reasons for performing a proactive security assessment. Both physical and cybersecurity assessments are aimed to protect all assets within the workplace and to protect any sensitive or personal data. The overall goal of a security assessment is to identify and quantify any threats, vulnerabilities and risk to the workplace.

Physical Security Site Assessment

All workplaces face some form of a physical security threat, be it a crime, natural disaster, or human error. The first step in physical security site assessment should be to analyze any threats your facilities and employees could face. The next step in your physical security site assessment should examine and evaluate all current security precautions and procedures that you have in place. The final step is delivery of suggestions on what new security systems to implement and which appropriate processes, policies and procedures are needed to mitigate the threats, vulnerabilities and risk identified in the physical security assessment.

Cybersecurity Assessment

Cybersecurity threats and breaches can happen to any business, and managing those risks is critical, so your business isn’t left exposed. During a cybersecurity assessment, any potential areas where you could face a risk will be looked at. Both internal and external vulnerabilities will be examined, as well as any adverse impacts that there could be. The likelihood that the risk could happen will also be considered. If you currently have any processes in place now, it’s important to assess those processes and identify any high-risk areas and show any vulnerabilities or gaps within your processes now.

Once the comprehensive security site assessment of your workplace is conducted, the findings will be used to determine how to best mitigate any potential risks and most efficiently preserve the workplace from harm. You will then be presented with an effective strategy to put into place to mitigate any risks that were uncovered.

If you think your workplace could be at risk for a physical or cyber breach, turn to the professionals at Edward Davis, LLC to make sure you’re protected. We will analyze your current processes and our global team of best-in-class security experts will work to ensure that your employees, clients, assets and workplace are protected. For more information or to schedule an assessment, you can contact us online or call us at (617) 720-6250. We also have offices in both Boston, MA and Miami, FL for your convenience. 

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