Defining “Stochastic Terrorism”

In the midst of the recent tragedies, many news outlets and websites have been using the term “Stochastic Terrorism.” Stochastic Terrorism refers to seemingly random terrorist attacks, usually against a particular individual or group, that are brought on by use of mass public communication to incite or inspire those acts of terrorism. The increased tensions in political discourse have a direct correlation to unpredictable acts of violence and domestic terrorism. 

Protecting Against Stochastic Terrorism

As we continue to see an increase in these horrific attacks, it’s become more important from a security standpoint to proactively prepare for active shooter/mass casualty incidents, including acts of stochastic terrorism. 

“The FBI is most concerned about lone offender attacks, primarily shootings, as they have served as the dominant lethal mode for domestic violent extremist attacks,” said FBI Director Christopher Wray to a Senate panel on July 23, 2019. “We anticipate law enforcement, racial minorities and the U.S. government will continue to be significant targets for many domestic violent extremists.”

The Davis Team has investigated scores of threats and attacks against our clients, particularly in the media sector. The various threats may be diverse, but the concern is not. The primary concern of each of our clients is protecting their people and securing their assets. With strategic and tailored risk assessments, crisis planning, training, policy review and development – threats to both your people and assets can be effectively managed. 

In essence, we must expect the unexpected and place the security measures and protocols in place to protect citizens from these random acts of violence. 

The Importance of Physical Security Assessments

Now more than ever it is vital that public event planners and corporate risk managers prioritize pre-event, comprehensive security assessments for threats, vulnerabilities and risk. Security surveys allow public safety professionals to manage possible threats and identify potential weaknesses for public and private events. This includes designing a robust physical security infrastructure,  implementing effective standard security operating procedures and emergency response procedures, personnel training, posting security officers at key locations and providing on-demand guidance to security issues as they arise, all to keep members of the community and public safe. 

Designing Security Protocol for Stochastic Terrorism

An important element of enterprise security risk management, as well as large and small-scale event security, is creating, disseminating and training on rigorous personnel protocols. With acts of stochastic terrorism on the rise, standard operating and emergency response plans and procedures need to be developed with consideration of threat picture and anticipation of worst-case scenarios. On-site personnel must be trained in advance on how to handle high-risk threats and respond to them appropriately. 

These horrific events are devastating to our communities and nation. The correct response is to do everything we can to make sure people not only feel safe and secure, but are safe and secure, when attending public events and their workplaces. 

Guided by the principles and experience of our founder, The Edward Davis Company seeks to safeguard people, their assets and their ability to conduct business in the face of adversity. We tap into the best security resources in the state, country and the globe, supplying a direct line from those resources to our clients. We strive to provide not only a better sense of security, but actual security.

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