Most security teams are hired to protect and ward off any potential threats, sometimes adding a little extra inside security can go a long way. If you are thinking about adding any extra on-site security guards to your business, whether for an event or a visiting high-priority executive, then make sure the security team you hire is prepared to handle any situation.  

Security Advantages to Additional On-Site Security

As part of our protocol, our agents are briefed on your company, their exact duties, any previous history, potential outcomes/problems, and knowing what resources they have available. Edward Davis, LLC prioritizes discretion, and your company/possessions will be protected in a professional manner.  Here are some of the benefits of adding our on-site security team:

Serve as Your Eyes & Ears on the Ground

People/threats will act differently in the presence of any security officials. In front of them they might be more alert and on guard with their behavior and what they are doing. If you think your company could be under a threat, then adding a security guard who knows how to be discreet may help you gather the information and evidence you need to proactively stop an incident from occurring before it’s too late. Our on-site security officers blend in with the crowd, getting an insider’s look at what is happening at the ground level.

Less Intimidation

If a customer is seeing lots of security guard or armed guard activity around an event or a business, it could make that consumer uneasy, especially if they expect to feel safe or bring their children. Our on-site security agents can help protect you and your company from the inside-out, without making anyone feel intimidated or on-guard.

Observe From all Angles

Our security agents head into every situation fully briefed and will know who, what and where to keep their eyes on. You as our client will also be in control. We keep out client leadership constantly updated and in the know. The presence of our security guards grants leaders the first-hand knowledge they may never have known otherwise. Any information that is gained from an event that our on-site security team oversees, you will get any and all information. Everything from the who, what exactly was happening, the exact location and timeline, and any other useful information for your business.

Quick & Professional Results

No matter what is happening, what the activity is, our guards can stop crimes before they happen in order to protect everyone’s safety. Do more than just adding surveillance cameras and ineffective security guards. Let Edward Davis security officers leverage their unmatched experience in the field to protect your employees, clients, property and assets.

What Makes Edward Davis, LLC Different

What sets Edward Davis Security Officers apart from your run-of-the-mill security guard companies is our team and the experience we offer to each of our clients. Our specially-selected security guards are all former law enforcement or military officers that are highly trained in the field and prepped to handle any situation that may arise in a dignified and professional manner. You will need your security team to handle anything and all security incidents quickly, professionally and effectively which is why you need a team you can trust.

No matter what the situation, our highly skilled team of skilled agents will know the proper way to react. Our security guards know the best ways to take control of any stressful situation they are thrown into while avoiding making the situations worse.

If you are interested in our on-site security services and learning more about what we offer you can call us at 617-720-6250 or contact us on our website. You can also visit our offices in Boston, MA and Miami, FL. 

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