BOSTON (CBS) – The manhunt is on for a serial bomb maker who mailed explosive devices across the country. The targets were top Democrats, including former President Barack Obama and the Clintons.

The FBI will have to trace the packages back and rely heavily on forensics to catch the person responsible.

“This is not an easy thing to do,” said WBZ security analyst Ed Davis.

Difficult, because it will likely take a lot of time and manpower to identify the bomb mailer. Davis says FBI investigators will begin with the evidence they have, six brown manila envelopes containing what appear to be homemade pipe bombs.

“They’ll look for DNA, they’ll look for fingerprints,” Davis said.

Davis, who led the investigation into the Boston Marathon bombings, says authorities will now trace the packages back and review surveillance video within a 10-block radius of the mailboxes.

“It’s hard to build all of this stuff – to compile all this equipment that’s needed, to put the stuff together and to send articles out like that without leaving some trace,” Davis said. “And I think that that’s really the downfall of most of the individuals involved here.”


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