By Edward F. Davis III – President and CEO, The Edward Davis Co.
Apr 1, 2021, 2:33pm EDT

For decades, companies across the United States made business continuity and security operations part of their strategic-planning processes, ensuring operations would be able to successfully adapt to any interruption in services. Those plans did not hold up well in the face of a pandemic.

At the Edward Davis Company, we have been helping Fortune 100 companies cope with the pandemic since last March. The urgency of security, business continuity and the addition of health planning resonates. Many of our clients are realizing they are never returning to the way their companies used to operate, but are instead incorporating the lessons of this pandemic into making their businesses smarter, prepared and more efficient moving forward.

We certainly know there is inherent value in healthy, morale-building, in-person brainstorming, unscheduled conversations, and immediate access to fellow employees. Balancing this with the increased productivity of remote work is the looming challenge. This “new normal” predicted as an outcome on the other side of this pandemic, bolstered by the deployment of vaccinations to our workforce, might not be as perilous or as daunting as some feared when our organizations first sent our employees to remote environments. It could very well be the most positive change in the workplace in generations.

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