Lindsay Kalter, Marie Szaniszlo Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ohio State students were told to “Run Hide Fight” as they came under attack yesterday — a new mantra urging self-defense that is replacing the passive “shelter-in-place” approach on campuses nationwide.

“It’s not a pretty thing to think about, but it’s a logical response in a very illogical situation,” said former Boston police Commissioner Ed Davis. “If someone has made their way into your space and is about to attack you, the best thing to do is charge the person and try to disarm them. …You shouldn’t allow the shooter or terrorist to have a larger pool of victims.”

It is now the response officially encouraged by the Department of Homeland Security. Houston city officials developed the message with a DHS grant in 2012 in response to the theater shooting in Aurora, Colo., saying too few people knew how to respond to a shooting.

The idea is to run to a safe location, hide from the perpetrator and, fight back if need be. And when DHS came out with the more aggressive alternative to “hide in place,” there was some pushback, Davis said.


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