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Desiree Dusseault

Senior Manager

Desiree Dusseault is a Senior Manager at the Edward Davis Company. Dusseault is responsible for assisting the Company’s Chief Operating Officer with project management and company strategic planning. Dusseault works closely with EDC senior managers and associated clients across all EDC verticals on oversight, implementation, and accountability for all aspects of projects. Dusseault manages project components including deadlines, assigning responsibilities, monitoring and summarizing progress. Dusseault manages EDC’s team of Policy Analysts and oversees their comprehensive analysis, research, proposals, and report writing.  

Prior to EDC, Dusseault served as Senior Project Manager at the University of Pennsylvania’s Crime Justice Policy Lab and as Deputy Chief of Staff at the Boston Police Department. Dusseault has extensive experience leading strategic law enforcement programs and providing project oversight to many high-profile initiatives such as the Boston Police Body Worn Camera initiative. Dusseault also has proven experience in developing relationships with government partners and managing practitioner and research partner collaboration. Dusseault also currently serves as a Senior Consultant for the University of Pennsylvania’s Crime and Justice Policy lab. Dusseault received her B.A. in Political Science from Northeastern University.

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