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Emma Casey

Project Analyst

Emma Casey is a Project Analyst at the Edward Davis Company. Casey provides EDC with proposal development, project coordination, analysis, and meticulous attention to detail to every endeavor. With a background in communication, Casey organizes complex projects, identifies key milestones, and assists EDC subject matters in developing actionable strategies. Casey’s skills includes best practice analytics, due diligence research, and effective communication. Casey’s involvement in each project includes proactive problem-solving and ultimately maximizing value as it relates to each Client’s needs.

Casey received her B.A. in Communication Studies from Southern New Hampshire University. Prior to joining EDC, Casey served in many positions such as Assistant Manager, Teaching Assistant, and Sales Associate. Casey was also a writing tutor her senior year of college where she assisted in resume/cover letter writing as well as case study research and essay writing. Casey has also used her time to volunteer in numerous service-learning opportunities where she assisted both students and teachers with assessment help and organizing school curriculum. These experiences, as well as her current role at EDC, allow Casey to broaden her strong writing, communication, and critical thinking skills.

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