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Warren Bamford

Senior Advisor

Warren Bamford

Warren Bamford has over 40 years of security experience in both the public and private sectors. As a Senior Advisor to EDC, he provides strategic and operational expertise in the areas of complex investigations, business resilience, and crisis management. Bamford works closely with our clients to provide innovative and cost-effective approaches for the protection of personnel, physical security of assets, and regulatory compliance regarding security measures. Bamford also develops integrated security programs for the protection of personnel and assets to reduce the risk of the insider threat and workplace violence. 

Before joining EDC, Bamford was Head of Global Security for National Grid, a major energy company operating in the United Kingdom and U.S. In the 12 years with that company, Bamford was responsible for the security of the organization’s personnel and physical assets. Prior to that position, Bamford served for 24 years in the FBI and worked in areas of financial crime, organized crime, and counterterrorism. Bamford concluded his career as a member of the Senior Executive Service and held the position of Special Agent in charge in both Los Angeles and Boston. He served as a U.S. Marine Corps officer before joining the FBI.

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