According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 227 million Americans have been tested for COVID-19. Both nationally, and locally, states are witnessing dramatic increases – in positive cases, in exposures, and not surprisingly, in testing.

Pop-up testing sites, which were a staple of the pandemic landscape during the first weeks of the outbreak in the spring, have begun returning with sobering frequency.

Concurrently, the first, and long-awaited vaccines to help combat COVID-19 have begun moving across our nation’s highways. We’ve watched with inspired optimism as health care workers and the elderly have received the first doses of the vaccine that everyone fervently hopes reverses this grim pandemic.

The Need For High-Quality PPE

Additionally, health care workers on the front lines still seek effective personal protective gear such as authentic N95 masks to help keep them safe as they treat those stricken with the virus. Sadly, too many scammers have sought to profit with the manufacturing of sub-par PPE.

In all of these cases, the protection of our fellow Americans, as well as the vaccine itself, needs to remain paramount during this troubling time in our nation.

The application of science to combat this pandemic, as well as the resolution of the American people need to conjoin as we enter the likely surges expected to continue through our holiday season. As has been the case with plans to combat domestic terrorism, cyber-attacks, or attempted disruption of our democracy by foreign forces, the key is remaining prepared.

COVID-19 Vaccine Security Protocols

At the Edward Davis Company, we are currently providing security services at multiple testing sites throughout the Commonwealth. We also are actively engaged in assisting the pharmaceutical industry with advice for vaccine rollout security measures.

Our skilled operatives at Transformative Healthcare posts help provide logistics management, operational assistance, and location and systems hardening at the sites. Throughout the implementation of the testing, whether it be short or extended term, our operational staff helps ensure comprehensive coverage and rapid response to any emerging needs at the sites. We stand ready to help provide situational awareness training for personnel, de-escalation techniques if needed to resolve a conflict and provide liaison efforts with local law enforcement agencies. Additionally, our trained and professional deployment is able to provide emergency medical assistance and first-aid efforts should they be needed.

Our wish is that all of the efforts being performed to keep our populace safe and healthy moving through this next stage of the pandemic are able to be waged safely. However, we cannot take the risk of malicious actors taking advantage of our heroic health care workers during this crucial stretch of history. We must remain vigilant, and do everything in our power to make sure this united effort rolls out safely and securely for everyone involved.

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