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Norma Leong

Security Specialist

Norma Leong is a Security Specialist for EDC. Leong is involved in projects with the company that include executive protection, operational security roles, and security management. 

Leong brings a depth of security experience and currently oversees a security department in a 5-star hotel that ensures the safety of all hotel guests, office tenants, visitors, and employees of the hotel as well as the Rowes Wharf complex’s physical assets. Leong is instrumental in creating a positive impact on guest, tenant, visitor, and employee relations. Leong effectively balances the responsibility of developing and implementing complex-wide safety programs to heighten awareness and enforce the safety protocols to reduce the likelihood of employee tenants, visitors, or guest accidents. Leong also liaises with federal, and local law enforcement as well as private security to ensure the safety of high-profile guests.

Prior to joining the private sector, Leong served in several units during her thirty-five year career as a Boston Police Officer and retired in 2017 as a Deputy Superintendent Assistant Bureau Chief of Major Case Division.  In this role, Leong oversaw complex investigations and managed the Department’s investigative strategies and detectives.

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