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Sharon Hanson

Senior Advisor

Sharon Hanson currently serves as a Senior Advisor for The Edward Davis Company.  Prior to taking on this role, Hanson was EDC’s Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel for eight years. In her current and previous roles at EDC, Hanson provides advice on legal issues and strategies for the effective growth and financial strength of the company across all of EDC’s verticals. Hanson has extensive executive management experience in law enforcement and security, including Chief of Staff for the Boston Police Department. As Chief of Staff at the Boston Police Department, Hanson managed the administrative operations of the 2,900 employee police department. Prior to joining the Boston Police Department, Hanson was the Director of Research and Development for the Lowell Police Department. In that capacity, she was responsible for the appropriate expenditure and implementation of millions of dollars in grants, as well as leading national best practice program and policy development on community policing. 

Hanson began her legal career as a prosecutor in the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office. In her fourteen years at Middlesex, Hanson prosecuted cases in District Court, Jury of Six, and Superior Court, including multiple homicides and other major felonies. Hanson was appointed Deputy First Assistant District Attorney, responsible for overseeing the attorneys assigned to the Superior Court division of the District Attorney’s Office. Hanson later practiced real estate law and criminal law in the private sector. Hanson holds a Professional Director Certification from the American College of Corporate Directors, a public company directors’ education and credentialing organization. Hanson is a graduate of Boston College and Boston College Law School.

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