Heading into the Thanksgiving holiday, and all of us here at The Edward Davis Company are preparing to spend the holiday with our family and friends.  And we hope that all of our partners will be able to celebrate the day in the way that yields the best experiences and memories for you and yours.

We want to take a moment to thank all of the men and women who protect our communities as first responders for the police, fire, and emergency medical services departments everywhere.  Many of them will have to work this Thanksgiving, and we hope they can carve out some time to share with their loved ones as well.

For many, though, even before the dishes are cleared away from the Thanksgiving feasts, this time of the year also means a trek to their neighborhood mall or department store to start their holiday shopping, trying to capitalize on doorbuster deals offered as part of the annual Black Friday shopping onslaught.

With the increased activity at the malls, though, it also brings out those individuals looking to prey on the vulnerable during the height of the season’s shopping.

To that end, we want to use the opportunity to remind everyone not to make careless mistakes that could lead to you becoming a victim during your shopping conquests.

Black Friday Safety Tips: Situational Awareness

All of these tips fall under the category known as situational awareness.  This is the act of being aware of everything happening in your immediate surroundings.  Your ultimate goal should be to keep yourself safe, using common sense caution and safety measures.

Many of these are tips you get reminders of every holiday season, but they bear frequent repeating as they are tried and true steps you can take to protect yourself during a time of the year when thieves, in particular, look to capitalize on bustling crowds and robust spending.

  • Parking Tips. Especially at the larger shopping malls, take note of where you’re parking your vehicle, and aim for some of the more well-lit areas in the large lots.  While approaching your vehicle, already have your keys out and ready. If at any point, you feel as though you’re being followed, change course and head to a crowded area, or return to the mall or store to notify security on scene.
  • Carry Things Carefully. Try not to overload your arms with too many shopping bags. If possible, use a shopping cart, or try your best to concentrate the bags on one arm, leaving your other arm free to carry your car keys and increase your personal protection space.
  • Shop in Groups. It’s always preferable to shop with someone else, a friend or family member.  Using the “buddy system” makes you a less desirable target as opposed to a solo shopper.
  • Protect Your Vehicle. You always hear it, but don’t leave your purchases out in the open on the seats of your car. Try to put them in your vehicle trunks or cover them with clothing or other items already in your car.  The number of car breaks at the malls spikes significantly every holiday season, and it’s almost always due to packages left out in plain sight. Either that or the most obvious fail – leaving your cars unlocked.  Always, always, make sure to provide your own target hardening by locking your vehicles, no matter where you go!
  • Don’t Be Distracted. Try to avoid spending too much time looking down at those electronic devices in your hands.  Stay aware of your surroundings, and save the texting for later!

As always, like we say all year long if for any reason you see any type of suspicious activity, report it immediately to the local law enforcement authority.

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We’ll be back over the weekend with another blog post for the ever-growing security issues surrounding Cyber Monday and the on-line shopping dangers to watch out for.  In the meantime, enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with the ones you love, and thanks for being a friend and supporter of what we do here at The Edward Davis Company!

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