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Blog Posts - Part 2

  • Buyer Beware: Remain Vigilant During Global Crisis

    Even as the world contends with the ramifications of a global pandemic that claims new victims daily, companies want to make sure they’re doing what they can to protect and help their employees.  Unfortunately, though, deceptive marketing “snake oil salesmen” who rose to prominence during 18th-century trading are making a...

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  • A Guard Stands Ready to Help

    On Thursday, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced he was activating the state’s National Guard to help the Commonwealth contend with the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  The activation indicated an acceleration of resources to help the Bay State combat the outbreak but also had many wondering what type of functions the deployment would...

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  • Crisis Planning For The New Front Lines Of Business

    The rapidly evolving effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19) are already resonating on our country’s financial and business infrastructure.  Beyond the critical care being provided by our nation’s emergency services, the impacts of COVID-19 have begun to test pressure points on businesses and industries that may not have been prepared for this...

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  • Are You Prepared for the Coronavirus Outbreak to Reach the U.S.?

    Updated February 26, 2020, 4:56 PM EST Not If, but When, Top CDC Officials Warn The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a statement on Tuesday urging Americans to start preparing for the inevitable spread of the Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, throughout communities across the United States. “It’s not...

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  • Holiday packages sitting unattended on a porch & vulnerable to theft

    Porch Pirates Seek To Steal Your Holiday Packages

    Heading into the holiday homestretch, which means it’s also the final two weeks to secure those special gifts for your loved ones.  And if you’re one of the shoppers who has already contributed to the $81.5 billion spent online in November and December, and are now anxiously awaiting your gift’s...

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  • Shoppers on Black Friday

    This Black Friday, Be A Smart – And Safe – Shopper

    Heading into the Thanksgiving holiday, and all of us here at The Edward Davis Company are preparing to spend the holiday with our family and friends.  And we hope that all of our partners will be able to celebrate the day in the way that yields the best experiences and...

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  • Understanding Stochastic Terrorism From A Physical Security Standpoint

    Defining “Stochastic Terrorism” In the midst of the recent tragedies, many news outlets and websites have been using the term “Stochastic Terrorism.” Stochastic Terrorism refers to seemingly random terrorist attacks, usually against a particular individual or group, that are brought on by use of mass public communication to incite or inspire...

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  • What is the Benefit of Adding On-Site Security?

    Most security teams are hired to protect and ward off any potential threats, sometimes adding a little extra inside security can go a long way. If you are thinking about adding any extra on-site security guards to your business, whether for an event or a visiting high-priority executive, then make...

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